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Borzello: I'll go with Pitino. Given that Rupp's accomplishments will be 100-140 years old in 50 years, combined with his integration and racial controversies, I think he's probably out of the conversation come 2069. Calipari's biggest legacy is undoubtedly his recruiting ability, dominating the one-and-done era and changing the way programs recruit. But assuming the one-and-done rule goes away at some point in the next few years, I think Pitino will get more long-term credit for his impact on the college game. He helped change the way the game was played, centered around a reliance on the 3-point shot. He helped bring the full-court press back in style and was ahead of the curve on analytics. Pitino certainly has his controversies and black clouds, from the stripper scandal to the FBI, but in 50 years, I think some of his innovations will stand out. And even right now, if you ask college coaches to pick someone else to coach one game and win, they're picking Pitino.

For me, it boils down to this: The 3-point shot is the biggest thing in the sport right now, and Pitino was at the forefront of that movement in college basketball with Providence in 1987. He wrote in his book last year that an exhibition game before the season against the Soviet Union made him realize his team had to shoot 20-plus 3-pointers per game. This was just a few months after the NCAA universally implemented the 3-point line, so very few other big programs were catching on and shooting even half that many. Providence making the Final Four in '87 thanks to the 3-point shot was unprecedented and helped bring it into the mainstream.
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No kyllä oot perkeleen kyrvänsyylä tullu väärän savolaisen lätkämekkaan!

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